Laboratory of physic-chemical analyzes of the Environmental Protection Agency Cluj has the equipment and the equipment necessary to perform the current measurements of particulate matter in ambient air, underlying the determination of heavy metals: Cd, Ni and As.

    The laboratory of physical and chemical analysis will purchase new equipment 22 (6 analyzers, sensors for determining benzene 6 analyzers, sensors for determining toluene, 6 pumps PM10 inlet, thermostat housings, an analytical balance with five decimal places, a deionized a thermostatic chamber system) for the determination of benzene, toluene and heavy metals As, Cd and Ni. Also, for the determination of heavy metals such as As, Cd, Ni Applicant will acquire four lamps ASA - GF and other supplies necessary for the analysis.

    Currently, the Environmental Protection Agency Cluj lacks an integrated system for collecting and transmitting data on hazardous chemicals in ambient air.

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